Stand Out, Serve Big
and Sell More

with World-Class Marketing and Sales Communications
Customers Love and Trust

Ready for a marketing and sales approach that’s powerful, refreshing, and feels good?

With all the manipulative, ego-centric marketing happening online these days, customer trust is understandably at an all-time low.

Worse yet, manipulators seem to dominate the online marketing education space, selling courses with low completion rates and coaching programs with low levels of customer results and satisfaction.

This means good business owners who truly care about their customers are being taught marketing and sales by people who don’t care about their customers (just the money they can manipulate out of them).

That’s a problem — and we’re here to help solve it.

It’s never been more important for high-integrity small business leaders, consultants, experts, and coaches to have world-class, customer-centric marketing and sales strategies, so they can: 

Stand out as honest, caring, and trustworthy
in a sea of manipulative marketing noise.
Serve their customers big through educational
content that fosters deeper connections and trust.

Sell more of their world-class solutions, more profitably.

And when it comes to implementing these strategies, what matters more than anything else? Messaging, copy, and content.

What Kind of Copy Do Customers Love?

At the heart are three best principles: “care,” “connect,” and “convert”


Caring copy stands out in the crowd — and helps build trust.

Clear, sincere, customer-centric copy is caring copy. It creates a positive experience, which helps build customer trust as well as brand equity. And it demonstrates a higher level of customer care than many businesses provide (especially pushy, ego-centric ones that make customers feel bad).


Connected copy helps increase engagement.

High-value customers love high-quality, educational content that deeply connects to their needs, interests, challenges, and desired outcomes. Connected copy can help boost conversions at every touch point (whereas a vapid, hyped-up, sales-first approach lowers them).


Caring, connected copy converts loyal customers profitably.

When copy builds trust and connection, it converts qualified leads into loyal brand champions as well as satisfied customers. This can help increase ROAS, lower costs per lead, and raise customer lifetime values. (The manipulative, untrustworthy approach does the opposite.)

Ethical, high-value business leaders need and deserve the most powerful marketing and sales strategies on earth — ones that most online marketing “gurus” know nothing about. That’s why we created Copy Customers Love.

Attract Qualified Leads, Build Trust Fast, and Increase Conversions with Marketing and Sales Assets Few Businesses Have

Stand out in your market as the caring, capable, one-of-a-kind leader your ideal customers need. Serve big by making your content all about their needs and how you meet them — building stronger connections and trust. And sell more of your high-value, proven-effective offers, more profitably, with Copy Customers Love.

Designed and delivered by Heather Mandel — a 25-year copywriter for Fortune 500 companies, global industry leaders, and successful small businesses — the Copy Customers Love 1:1 program provides:

Compelling, mission-driven messaging and positioning that explains your business’s purpose, value proposition, and unique selling points — so your customers quickly recognize you as their best choice.

Custom-made brand personality, voice, and writing style designed to best appeal to your ideal customers  — along with a formal written style guide you and your team can use to ensure consistency.

Customer personas and a customer journey roadmap/content strategy to determine what kinds of copy and content your customers would most benefit from as they get to know, like, and trust your business.

A go-to copy deck of outstanding, ready-to-deploy marketing and sales copy that exudes caring, credibility, leadership, reliability, and high professional standards — for use across multiple channels.

High-value educational content that helps customers make faster purchase decisions. This includes inspiring case studies and success stories showing qualified leads how they can succeed with your offer.

Clear, engaging communications that speak to your customers’ needs, desired outcomes, interests, and challenges at every touch point, to help build stronger relationships and increase conversions.

Equipped with these world-class, customer-centric assets, you’ll have a distinct advantage over the majority of businesses marketing online or offline.

12 Weeks to World-Class Copy and Content

We work smart and fast to produce your assets, while sharing proven-effective strategies, guidelines, and best practices you can immediately start using in your marketing and sales efforts. When you succeed, so do we. 

WEEKS 1 & 2


Audit your current copy and content’s performance. Establish goals for the program tied to your business objectives — e.g., sell more of your main offer, increase email open rates and CTRs.

Complete a fun “Hero’s Journey”-inspired exercise to glean source material about your business and customers so we can begin creating your new assets — starting with your brand personality, voice, messaging, and positioning.

Provide our proven-effective CLASSIC Copywriting Style™ guidelines as a foundation of our work together — so you can start using them and benefiting right away.

WEEKS 3 & 4


Create your custom-made brand personality, voice, and writing style to best appeal to your ideal customers. Create your messaging, positioning, customer personas, customer journey roadmap, and content strategy. Start work on your written style guide.

Also, identify your top two case studies/customer success stories and start gathering details.

WEEKS 5 & 6


Review work thus far and craft your copy deck’s core pieces: mission, vision, values, unique selling points (what sets you apart), main offer features, customer benefits, key messages, process (how you deliver), and FAQs.

These core components will be woven into all your new marketing and sales communications: emails, social media posts, ads, website, landing pages, sales conversations, and more.



Write three (3) customer journey-driven emails using your new brand voice, writing style, and copy. Provide you with proven email strategies, best practices, and templates we’ve used to help our clients significantly increase their open rates, CTRs and CTORs.

Also, we’ll review your current email strategy to make sure it aligns with your new customer journey roadmap and content strategy, as well as customer-centric best practices.



Write three (3) social media posts, which can also work as paid ads, using your new brand voice, writing style, and copy. Provide you with proven-effective social post types, structures, and strategies we’ve used to create high-engagement posts and low-cost ads.

Also, we’ll review your current posting strategy to make sure it aligns with your new customer journey roadmap and content strategy, as well as customer-centric best practices.



Create two (2) case studies/customer success stories for use in various channels. We’ll provide frameworks for you to use in gleaning and organizing the information, and confirm direction with you before writing them.

We’ll start designing them as downloadable PDFs in alignment with your brand. And we’ll provide guidance for sharing them in emails, social posts/ads, or blogs.

In addition, we’ll begin measuring performance of your emails and social posts.

WEEKS 10 & 11


Craft the final pieces of your copy deck: headlines, subheads, and body copy for use in your main offer funnel, website, and other content; and talking points for sales conversations.

We’ll also review your website or funnel and provide guidance for implementing your new messaging and copy into your web presence.



Finalize and deliver your copy deck and brand voice and written style guide. Measure recent performance of assets and provide go-forward recommendations.

We’ll also deliver your two designed PDF case studies. And we’ll provide next-step strategies for you to consider: web presence and funnel strategies, conversion tools, and more.

What Our Clients are Saying — and the Results They’re Getting

“Within four years, Lytx established a new brand identity, quadrupled its customer base, and achieved 35% revenue growth year over year. Heather Mandel was instrumental in our success. She wrote a vast number of our marketing assets—our website, sell sheets, client case studies, and white papers—along with a large volume of email campaigns and landing pages that helped us to nurture and convert leads into customers. She also helped us to establish and hone our new brand’s voice and written style guide.

If you’re looking for a high-converting copywriter to help grow your business, Heather is it.”

Robin Flaum

Sr. Director Market Development, Molecular Biology, Thermo Fisher Scientific; Former Senior Director of Marketing Communications & Operations, Lytx

“I’d recommend Heather to anyone who has been creating content that isn’t converting. The very first email that I sent out after working with Heather to craft it, actually generated click-throughs and sales!”

Raewyn Guerrero

Functional Medicine Health Coach and Founder of Well Works

“Copy you created has been working really well for all purposes. It lives as a ‘master’ and we pull and revise it for customized uses. We have definitely noticed that people have a clearer understanding of who we are and what we do, which was a huge problem for us before… I definitely feel it helps in sales confidence and in the team’s ability to accurately explain ourselves.”

Elisabeth Wilkie

Marketing Director, May & Company

“Heather, you’re amazing! I’m looking at our email campaign metrics, and some of the email campaigns you wrote for me show MUCH higher open rates, click-through rates, and click-to-open rates than the 6-month average. We’re talking percentage increases of up to 140% in open rates, 840% in CTRs, and 430% in CTORs. This is a huge improvement to say the least!

Thank you so much for all your hard work on getting our emails to convert better and for your help on our case studies and white papers, too. You’ve been a tremendous asset to our business development efforts and growth!”

Naomi Hamels

Global Director of Enterprise Marketing, Altium; Former Sr. Marketing Manager, Lytx

How We Deliver

Our process is simple and designed to produce results during the program.

Step 1: Start

You provide details about your business and main offer using the messaging and branding frameworks and written and verbal exercises we provide.

Step 2: Create

We work together to create the optimum brand messaging, positioning, personality, voice, and writing style for your business and main offer.

Step 3: Craft

We craft the core components of your new copy deck and written style guide — the foundation for writing higher converting copy and content your customers will love.

Step 4: Draft

 Working with the details gleaned in step one, your existing content, and your rough drafts of any other key information, we create the first drafts of your new copy and content.

Step 5: Polish

Following your review of the first drafts, we edit, revise, and polish your copy as much as required to ensure Fortune-500-level quality. We’ve supported the success of many world-class, customer-centric businesses, so you’re in good hands!

Step 6: Measure

We set goals at the beginning and measure results at the end to ensure you’re happy with your new assets and well positioned to make exponential ROI with them over time.

Why Copy Customers Love Works


Designed by a world-class copywriter.

Our program creator has served Fortune 500 companies, global industry leaders, and powerhouse small businesses for 25 years.


Proven to work for any industry.

We’ve successfully applied our copy and content strategies, guidelines, and best practices to serve businesses across 30+ industries.


Prioritizes your results first and foremost.

Our program is delivered in a highly effective, results-driven, done-with-you/1:1 model to ensure your satisfaction.


Values your time and schedule.

No weekly Zoom meetings required (although we recommend several over the 12 weeks). Much of the work can be accomplished via email, and we’re also happy to meet as much as you’d like.


Built for fast implementation.

We apply proven-effective exercises, templates, and frameworks designed to help us work fast, and accelerate implementation and results.


Strategically driven and measurable.

Our intention is to help you achieve specific results in alignment with your strategic business goals, that we can measure with you.


Delivered by true professionals.

Coming from Fortune-500 and big-brand backgrounds, we are highly professional, caring, and committed to your satisfaction.


Reasonably priced.

The program investment is priced to be affordable for successful businesses looking to boost lead generation and sales and make customers happier in the process.

“THANK YOU so much for everything you’ve done for us this year! You have made my life so much easier, and you’ve produced amazing work for us.”

Elisabeth Wilkie

Marketing Director, May & Company

Please Beware of Online Marketing Programs that:

Teach manipulative or dishonest marketing and sales practices used to persuade, convince, "sell dreams," induce FOMO, create false urgency and scarcity, or poke at pain points.

Are delivered in a large-group settings with disappointing levels of personalized support, and/or require time-consuming, weekly, group Zoom meetings with low levels of outside support.

Provide lengthy pre-recorded video trainings or replays to sift through along with vague, confusing exercises and worksheets.

Use above-said manipulative tactics to make success sound easier than it is, or shame and pressure people into buying the program.

Are designed to move as many people through them as possible with little-to-no-attention to your strategic business goals and little-to-no follow-up on your actual results.

Are designed by inexperienced coaches and so-called online marketing experts who lack world-class business experience — and/or care more about sales than customer results and satisfaction.

Are overpriced for any of the above reasons and may accept participants who aren’t a good fit (and thus unlikely to get results).

Model an ego-centric marketing approach, centering and focusing on the business or brand above the customer.

“If you’re familiar with the law of exchange, Heather ascribes to the law of abundant exchange. She gives so much of her time to ensure that she delivers on what she’s promised, and goes above and beyond to ensure that you’re feeling happy and satisfied!”

Raewyn Guerro

Functional Medicine Health Coach and Founder of Well Works

 Ready to Explore Further?

Because this is a 1:1 program, we’re able to work with very few businesses at once. If we’re currently full, we can book your program in advance. We can also customize the timing and deliverables to meet your specific needs and goals.

Your Dedicated Team

Heather Mandel

Program Designer

Copy Customers Love is based on decades of world-class business communications experience. Your program designer and copywriter, Heather Mandel, has provided:

  • Marketing and sales copy for Global Fortune 500 and Fortune 500 companies (Sony Pictures, Toshiba, Wells Fargo, Mellon Bank, Lennar, Disney, and News Corp).
  • Copywriting, content creation, and brand voice services for global industry leaders (TransUnion, Lytx, Epicor, and Zapier), well-known non-profits, and powerhouse small businesses including world-class coaches, consultants, and experts.
  • Multi-channel copy across online, print, radio, video, TV, and live event platforms, for all stages of the customer journey: ads, emails, web content, social posts, case studies, customer success stories, sales scripts, pitch decks, presentations, blogs, white papers, video scripts, commercials, direct response infomercials, and more.

Heather is also a digital designer (copywriting, brand voice, and content strategy) for Toptal, an exclusive network of the world’s top creative talent. Toptal selects only 3 out of every 100 applicants through a rigorous vetting process.

“Heather is an outstanding business partner — she is always positive, tries to find the best solution for the customer, readily takes on challenges and provides best-in-class customer service.”

Wells Fargo Business Leader

Respondent in Wells Fargo & Company annual business partner survey

Paul Thomas

Web and Graphic Designer

In addition, you’ll receive expert design support from Paul Thomas, a 25-year web designer, graphic designer and copywriter. Paul will:

  • Provide font choice, font size, kerning, line spacing, and layout recommendations you can use in designing your new copy on your website and in emails.
  • Design your case study/customer success story PDFs and custom, branded template you can use to create more in the future.
  • Design your new website or sales funnel if you choose our optional web presence package.

“Just noticed site was up, OMG!!! It is so beautiful. So happy, thank you for such an amazing job. Love, Love, Love the new site! Appreciate all the love you put into this, it sure shows!”

Richard Helfrich

Health Coach, Author and Founder of Zuma Nutrition

More Wonderful Customer Testimonials and Results

“Before I met Heather, I was sending out weekly emails to my list and hearing crickets. No click-throughs, and no one ever booked time. However, within the first few tweaked emails and social media posts, I began seeing results — people were clicking through and buying products, and even booking sessions!”

Raewyn Guerrero

Functional Medicine Health Coach and Founder of Well Works

“Heather, I am absolutely floored by this delivery — can’t believe how much you were able to accomplish is such a short amount of time! I am so impressed by what you’ve done. You seem to really understand who we are and what we do, which I think is the first and most difficult hurdle. Very impressed you ‘got it’ in only a few conversations!”

Elisabeth Wilkie

Marketing Director, May & Company

“It’s been great working with you, you’re a super talented writer and sometimes it feels like you were reading our minds! Thank you so much for the smooth cooperation.”

Riika S.

Marketing Executive, Epicor Software

“I found Heather to be highly responsive, reliable, open to feedback, easy to work with, and devoted to delivering high-quality work. Because she’s so experienced, fast, and versatile, I could send her an urgent project and she’d nail it within 24 hours. As just one example, she helped us to sell out our annual conference just by changing email subject lines.”

Robin Flaum

Sr. Director Market Development, Molecular Biology, Thermo Fisher Scientific; Former Senior Director of Marketing Communications & Operations, Lytx

Customers We’ve Served

Secure an Ever-Growing Abundance of
Benefits for Your Business:

Confidently present world-class content that exudes caring, builds trust and strong connections, and helps convert qualified leads into loyal, satisfied customers.

Save time and resources with a go-to copy deck of top-quality, professionally written content you can deploy in marketing and sales efforts across multiple channels.

Gain a competitive advantage by creating outstanding customer connections and experiences rooted in stellar customer service and care.

Learn proven-effective communications best practices and principles to ensure you, your team members and freelancers always deliver quality copy.

Enhance your and your team’s copywriting skills so creating your marketing and sales communications becomes faster, simpler and more enjoyable.

Establish world-class, customer-centric marketing and sales assets that can help further business growth, delight customers, and deliver ROI for years to come.

Our Invitation to You

Give us 12 weeks, and we’ll produce world-class, customer-centric copy and content for your business — custom-made and delivered by one of the world’s top copywriters. In addition, you’ll receive expert visual guidance from a world-class web and graphic designer to ensure your new content is optimally presented.

Your new marketing and sales assets will be specifically designed to help you:

Attract qualified leads with care

Stand out from the noise as honest, caring, capable, and truly one-of-a-kind. Position your business as the most trustworthy, customer-centric one in your space, with the obvious, world-class solutions your ideal customers need.

Connect to build trust fast

Serve customers big by building stronger connections and trust. Deeply understand what your customers need to know to make confident purchase decisions, and communicate that through proven-effective, nurturing content.

Convert loyal customers profitably

Sell more — by converting ideal customers to your mission as well your offers. Secure meaningful, mission-driven marketing and sales assets that inspire your prospects to purchase your offers with enthusiasm. Convert qualified leads into loyal, satisfied customers and champions of your brand.

Spaces in the Copy Customer 1:1 program are extremely limited. If you feel confident this program is right for your business, we encourage you to book a discovery call with Heather now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I need to do to successfully complete the program?

To ensure best results, we ask the following:

  • Plan to spend several hours per week working with us on your new copy and content (some weeks may require more or less time depending on review, direction, and revisions).
  • Complete our written and verbal exercises and provide any copy and content you’re currently using. We look to you to provide the essential facts, information, and insights about your business, brand, and main offer that only you know best.
  • As needed, provide rough drafts of any additional content needed to create your copy deck and content pieces. Using the info and insights from your initial exercises, current content, and rough drafts, we will write, edit, and polish your new copy and content to world-class standards.
  • Review and approve all material in a timely manner to meet our program deadlines and goals.
  • Participate in several online meetings and/or phone meetings or as needed.
  • Email or chat online as needed to clarify direction, discuss drafts, and provide answers to questions to help keep us moving forward.

We promise to:

  • Show up to all online meetings or calls and answer your emails and DMs within 24 hours.
  • Help you glean the source material and guide you in providing us with the information, content and rough drafts needed to properly create your marketing and sales communications assets.
  • Ensure your new assets reflect world-class, customer-centric, Fortune-500-level standards.
  • Set goals, measure your results, and recommend adjustments as needed.

How do I know if this program is right for my business?

To help answer that, here are some questions to consider:

  • Does your business sell high-value products or services that deliver proven results, and generate a high degree of customer satisfaction?
  • Alternatively, is your business a start-up with a market-validated offer and the budget to invest in creating high-quality marketing and sales communications?
  • Do you consider customer experience, satisfaction, and results to be your business’s #1 priority?
  • Are you confident that adding world-class, customer-centric communications assets to your marketing and sales efforts can help you grow your business over the next 12 months?
  • Do you have the resources to invest in the creation of these assets?

If your answers to the above questions are “yes,” the Copy Customers Love 12-week program is probably right for your business.

In addition, Copy Customers Love is a good fit for business owners who:

  • Write a lot of their own copy, enjoy writing, and consider themselves adept at it.
  • Would like personalized, expert guidance to help them create world-class marketing and sales assets.
  • Would like hands-on support from a top-notch copywriter to maximize their new assets’ performance.
  • Are interested in gaining new knowledge, skills, and resources they can use for years to come.

Copy Customers Love is not a good fit for business owners who:

  • Aren’t selling high-value products or services that are proven-effective and get the vast majority of customers the results they expect.
  • Prefer an ego-centric approach: centering their brand or personal brand first and foremost, above customers.
  • Believe that psychological and/or emotional manipulation is a necessary part of marketing and sales (not only is this idea unethical, it couldn’t be further from the truth).
  • Value sales and attention above customer experience and satisfaction.

What kind of ROI and results can I expect from this program?

The Copy Customers Love 12-week program is meant to provide already successful businesses with world-class marketing and sales communications assets that they can use to further their success for years to come. If your business is already succeeding in selling an offer that gets great results for your customers, we expect your tangible and intangible ROI from your assets to be exponential over time.

Please keep in mind, this is an implementation program designed to accomplish two goals at once:

  • Provide world-class, customer-centric copywriting and content strategies, guidelines, frameworks, and best practices the most successful businesses in the world follow.
  • Successfully create and implement marketing and sales communications that are of a higher quality — and thus higher converting — than what most businesses use.

Your results will largely depend on your input, alignment with our approach and recommendations, and what you wish to accomplish with the help of this program. We will establish your program goals together at the very beginning, work towards meeting them throughout the program, and measure our progress in week 12. We’ll also follow up with you in the months following the program to see how your assets are working and ensure your satisfaction.

What is customer-centric marketing and why should I use it in my business?

Since customers are the lifeblood of any business, the world’s most successful businesses prioritize customer experience and user experience above all else. This means they only market and sell in ways that create a positive and delightful customer experience, and are sure to place their customers needs and interests first in every thought, communication, and interaction. This is the essence of customer-centric marketing.

Many businesses — especially online businesses, or businesses who primarily market online — do not market this way. Many use manipulative marketing and sales tactics that create a negative, even stressful customer experience. Many are also personally branded and ego-centric, which can give way to pushy, self-centered, condescending communications that are off-putting and irrelevant to customers — again, creating a negative experience.

The online marketing space is also full of greedy business owners selling get-rich-quick scams and low-quality products and services. Understandably, consumer trust is at an all-time low.

That’s why it’s never been more important for high-integrity, caring business owners to adopt and master the customer-centric marketing and sales approach used by world-class brands. Doing so can help us to stand out from all the ego-centric, salesy noise, serve customers better than our competitors do, and sell more of our high-quality offers.

Can a world-class marketing and sales approach really work for my small business?

If you sell a high-quality product or service that delivers proven results and high customer satisfaction, then the answer is: yes, absolutely. In essence, we’re providing timeless, proven-effective best practices, principles, and strategies for marketing and selling high-value offers. While based on our experience working with Fortune 500 companies and global industry leaders, they work great for our small business clients as well. They can work for any business that’s successfully selling a market-validated offer with proven results.

In addition, we believe the best businesses in the world are those who care deeply about their customers’ experience, satisfaction, and results, and who deliver on their promises to them. Does this describe your business? If so, we consider your business to be world-class no matter what size it is. Thus, we believe a world-class marketing and sales communications approach will work for your business and would love to help you implement it.

Can I assign one of my team members to work with you on my behalf?

Yes, you can, and some clients require this. However, to ensure best results, we will need your/the business owner’s involvement in the initial program set-up/information gathering, as well as your review and approval of all materials.

Can I change any of the program deliverables? I’m not sure I need all this, and/or there may be other items I’d like to include instead.

We understand that every business is unique, so this offer is customizable. Meaning, if there are certain assets that you’d like that you don’t see listed here, we can change some of the program deliverables to meet your specific needs. Example: if you mostly use social media vs. email in your marketing, we can create more posts than emails (or vice versa).

If there are other deliverables not listed that you’d like to discuss, please inquire and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

The deliverables we consider to be essential to customer-centric marketing and sales success include:

  • Well-defined brand voice and writing style that appeals to ideal customers
  • Customer journey roadmap and content strategy
  • Copy deck of essential marketing and sales communications
  • Case studies/customer success stories

What if I want to schedule a call but am not sure I want to enroll in the program yet?

We offer a discovery call to business owners who are seriously interested in enrolling in the program and feel ready to do so. The purpose of the call is to assure both of us we’re a great fit to work together, before investing our time and resources. We want these 12 weeks to be positive and rewarding for all.

We understand it’s not always a fit and people may change their minds after the call. We also understand you may need more time and information to decide if this program is right for you. If the latter applies, we welcome you to DM Heather on LinkedIn with any questions prior to booking a call.

Please note: we never try to “sell” or convince anyone to work with us (as per world-class, customer-centric standards). We’re simply happy to provide information and insights to support you in making the right decision for your business.

Do you provide web design also?

Yes, we provide world-class website design and development also and would be happy to discuss your needs. Please check out our custom web design package on this page.

What is the price and qualifying criteria for the Copy Customers Love 1:1 program?

As every business is different, we customize our program pricing on a case-by-case basis. Pricing criteria includes business size, the details of your business and main offer(s), and the number of offers you wish to market and sell with our help.

All the above information dictates what will be required to deliver the most effective and efficient content and communications strategies and assets for your business. It also helps us to establish ROI goals.

In some cases, the program timing and deliverables may need to be extended and/or customized, which also affects pricing.

To all program participants, we offer an interest-free, monthly payment plan, similar to a monthly retainer. The first-month payment is required to begin work, with remaining payments due every 30 days.

Other criteria and considerations:

1) To qualify for this program, you must be a small business selling high-value products and/or services that deliver on promises, as evidenced by high degrees of customer satisfaction.

2) This offer is currently not available to online marketing experts and service providers, including copywriters and web designers.

Stand Out, Serve Big, and Sell More with World-Class Marketing and Sales Copy Customers Love

Get started with the Copy Customers Love 1:1 Program.

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